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My name is Gabriel and I love to sew, knit, and create. There's nothing better than making your own perfect outfit or giving a beautiful handmade gift. I document my creations on this blog - I hope you enjoy!

Matching Issie Sweaters

Matching Issie Sweaters

The first pattern I ever blogged about was the Juliette Dress for girls by Suz from Sewpony. I've always loved Suz's kids patterns, so when she asked me to join in a blog tour showcasing her first pattern for women (the Issie Top), I was excited to give it a go. I ended up creating an Issie Top for myself and one for my son. Read on for more details!

The Pattern
I like this pattern for two reasons. The first is it has a nice basic shape. The base pattern is simple - but the elongated wrist and waist bands give it a modern, elegant twist. The second reason I like it is that it is so versatile. Between the different collar, sleeve, length and frill options the possibilities are endless. I like to play with and remake patterns so I really appreciate this kind of versatility. 

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The Issie pattern is available in English and Dutch. You can purchase it on its own or in a package with the kids version. If you're interested you can find it at shop.sewpony.com. If you purchase the pattern before the end of Monday 3 September, use the code WOMENSISSIE10 for a 10% discount. 

My Issie sweater
Because my style is very simple, I made the basic top pattern banded at the wrists and waist. I used French Terry which I think has the perfect amount of stretch and weight for this pattern. The result is a very comfy, warm sweater I think I'll get a lot of wear out of.

Instead of adding a frill I embellished the front panel with a simple geometric design. I created this design using triple stitch which is bolder than straight stitch and stronger. It also has more give than straight stitch which means it is great for appliqueing or embellishing stretch fabric. However, it is an absolute pain to unpick so if you are trying it out don't make an rash decisions! 

For those of you how like all the details, I used a ruler and a fading fabric marker to draw on the design which I then stitched over. After testing the stitching on some scrap fabric I decided I didn't need to use any kind of stabiliser. I was really pleased with the result which looks good and washes well. 

Bubba's matching sweater

The Issie Top is also available in children's sizes. It's marketed as a girls pattern but the basic pattern works just as well for boys. It also comes with a pieced front panel which you could use to do some great colour or pattern blocking for any little boys in your life. 

I appliqued a seagull on the front of bubba's sweater which he loves. For anyone wanting to try applique, make sure you buy some paper backed fusible web to adhere your applique design to the base fabric. It makes the process much easier. 

There's been some beautiful versions of the Issie Top posted over the course of the blog tour which finishes today. Check out the blogs below for more Issie Top inspiration. It's amazing how different everyone's take on the same pattern have been. Thanks to Suz for creating such a lovely pattern and organising the tour!


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