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My name is Gabriel and I love to sew, knit, and create. There's nothing better than making your own perfect outfit or giving a beautiful handmade gift. I document my creations on this blog - I hope you enjoy!

Bo Love

Bo Love

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Today I’m sharing another make that has served me well this summer - a light and drapey Bo Top in light grey silk.


The Pattern

The Bo Top is by Seamwork Magazine. It’s a very simple boxy tee suitable for woven fabrics. I made a couple of modifications to the pattern to achieve this look. Firstly, I lengthened it a little as the original pattern is very cropped. If you are planning on trying this pattern, I recommend checking you’re happy with the length before cutting into your fabric. If you think it will be a bit short, add a couple of inches like I did.

The other modification I made was omitting the cuffs as I felt they would add too much length to the sleeves. I like things very simple so I was also happy to keep the look minimal by leaving them off. Instead of adding the cuffs, I just hemmed the armholes as they were.


The Fabric

The first time I tried this pattern I used a medium weight cotton I had lying around at home. Because of the nature of the fabric, the top was very stiff and boxy. I wore it a couple of times but in the end I decided the fabric just didn’t work with the pattern. This time around I used a lightweight silk which works a lot better. It is soft and drapey so, although the top is very loose, I don’t feel like I’m wearing a sack. If you are going to try this pattern, I recommend using a fabric with some drape or a very lightweight fabric which isn’t too stiff.



I have enjoyed wearing this top over the last couple of months. I found myself reaching for it often when I wanted something a little more dressy than a regular t-shirt. I will definitely use the pattern again when I find the right silk. However, next time I will pay more attention to the finishes. I think silk deserves more care than other fabrics - I regret now I didn’t take the time to finish this version by hand.

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